Friday, September 6, 2013

NZFW 2013 - Zambesi - BTS photo essay by Sam Lee

We were gutted to have missed this epic show by Zambesi, by all accounts one of their best ever. What a great concept to roll back the walls at the start of the show to provide a clear cut view into the machinations of the backstage show environment of the great New Zealand label. That the collection was wall-to-wall with elegant, gorgeous pieces adorning a brilliant cast of models only added to the occasion. Liz Findlay said in Black several issues ago that if she wasn't a designer, she would have been a stylist and alongside the uber talented Dayne Johnson this was a superbly styled show. Amazing make-up as usual by the Amber D-led M.A.C Cosmetics team and equally fabulous hair by the Jason Chong-Li-led Stephen Marr team. Sam Lee was there for Blacklog to capture BTS images.