Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Zealand Fashion Week 2013 - Lela Jacobs

Photo: Ishna Jacobs

This might have been Lela Jacobs first showing at New Zealand Fashion Week but her show was put together like she had been there every year for a decade; suitably brooding ambient soundscapes courtesy of live act Tzar Behemoth, a great cast of models that bordered on eccentric, an element of choreography (yes, the sometimes dreaded choreography in fashion) which was pulled off with aplomb by the models, "glance off into the crowd about half way down then glance off at the people watching you on the other side again as you come back," a little circle at the end in front of the photographers, very strong hair and make-up concepts - these are things that many designers attempt only when they have built up years of confidence, bravo Lela. The collection, intriguingly entitled 'De' - a prefix - was as minimal yet complex at its name suggested with strong elements of construction, texture, layering and detail. The colour palette was unashamedly swathed with black, creamy white and shades of grey and accessories included spikey crowns, a must-have long hair 'necklace' that, in a styling sense, went oh-so-perfectly with the model's own hair and a variety of fine metal pieces by local designer John Troy O'Sullivan aka Abnumeral. In a visual sense the message was clear "de-centralize" and even that was printed in a font that seemed entirely suitable for Lela Jacobs. Also loved the painted finger concept. Make-up by the Caitlin Lomas-led M.A.C team. Hair by the Sky Cripps-Jackson-led Stephen Marr team.  All-in-all an assured and cohesive debut at NZFW for the talented Wellingtonian cum Aucklander. Great images here by Ishna Jacobs and Sam Lee.

This photo and the 5 below: Ishna Jacobs

This photo and the 5 below: Sam Lee

This photo and the 5 below: Ishna Jacobs

This photo and the one below: Sam Lee

This photo and all below: Ishna Jacobs