Monday, September 9, 2013

NZ Fashion Weekend: AOK show photo essay by Ishna Jacobs

NZ Fashion Weekend provided an opportunity for designers to show what's-in-store-now to the public and fans of the brands in a relaxed atmosphere. A quartet of designers who all have stores or workrooms on Auckland's Karangahape Road; Hailwood, Maaike, Lela Jacobs and Jimmy D joined forces on Saturday afternoon at the Viaduct Events centre in a sweet coming together of clearly symbiotic style to create the A.O.K show. Lela Jacob's sister Ishna Jacobs was on hand to shoot these sometimes intimate, sometimes poignant but always beautiful images in a behind-the-scenes photo essay for Blacklog. As far as a behind-the-scenes portrait of a fashion show goes, we think this is more than A.O.K!