Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Marr Factory 2013 - Tuesday - NOM*d

Day three of The Marr Factory saw NOM*d's Malcolm McLaren and Madame Butterfly inspired 'Fans' collection grace the runway at The Golden Dawn. The inspiration of the great opera's main Japanese protagonist, Ciocio-san, was omnipresent across the beautiful styling by Karen Inderbitzen-Waller, and fabulous hair by Lauren Gunn and the Stephen Marr team using Original & Mineral and once again, brilliant make-up by Amber D and the M.A.C team. Supplementing the show was a dual video screen set-up which showed a film by Richard Shaw assisted by Delphine Planqueel which took NOM*d's legendary relationship with deconstruction to a new level. The wall-to-wall crowd amped no doubt by the Courvoisier cocktails and Hallertau beer which flowed freely as is befitting The Marr Factory events. All digital images here by Oliver Rose, all Polaroids by Lula Cucchiara.