Friday, August 2, 2013

Blacklog Editorial #52: Thom Kerr shoots Joel Meacock at Dallys

Knit, pants and belt by Prada

Melbourne editor of Black Justin Henry flew into Brisbane over the weekend to shoot with Sydney editor Thom Kerr and stylist Sarah Birchley on a series of denim images for the next issue featuring some very cool faces! Whilst in town they made a pit stop with Dally's model Joel Meacock who has recently returned from walking Calvin Klein during his last mens show season. Joel will be sharing some of his adventures in an interview shortly in a separate post... but until then, enjoy this Blacklog exclusive including fashion from Burberry, Prada, Wil Valor and Pistols at Dawn. All the images were shot at Red Eclipse studios.

Pistols at Dawn shirt
Wil Valor trousers
Prada knit
Burberry shoes

Prada pants and shoes
Burberry knit

Wil Valor shirt
Prada Jacket
Burberry trousers
Richtenburg watch

Prada jacket & shoes
Wil Valor trousers
Pistols at Dawn shirt

Burberry trench & knit