Thursday, September 29, 2011

We're being Teesed this week!

Everyone loves a good T-shirt. Like jeans, sunnies and sneakers they are a staple of our wardrobes unless of course you are a politician or Karl Lagerfeld. This week we received a few emails from folk who are producing lines of t-shirts for various reasons and thought we'd post our three favourites here:
This week Glassons continued their completely admirable support of the Breast Cancer Research Trust by launching the Cure Shop - the world's first store dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer. Gotta love that and buying this classic Karen Walker t-shirt (above) is a perfect way to say you do.

Yesterday, Black editor Grant Fell was interviewed by Jennifer Weather-Centre for an upcoming bNet radio documentary series that celebrates the 30-year mark for New Zealand's greatest label, Flying Nun. Since founder Roger Shepherd regathered the reins there has been a quiet excitement building in local and international indie circles. A feature of the iconic-with-a-capital-I imprint has always been the arty covers and none is more iconic than this little beauty from The Clean's seminal Boodle Boodle Boodle ep. Barkers have been into this collaboration for a year or so now and good on them for realising the importance of the label. The 'Boodle' shirt (above) from the second range is on sale now at all Barkers stores.

Finally, as huge fans of the Warriors (yes, we are and always have been) we simply cannot wait for the NRL final this weekend. New T-shirt girls about town Anoinette Tahere and Jane Robinson (Bagabond) know the size of this love affair only too well - and as good Point Chev girls - have produced two shirts to capture the mood of the nation at the moment. This grouse Warriors option and the just-as-direct All Black option "This is an all black shirt." These are available from Bagabond directly and are selling like a hot Shaun Johnson run to the line, feigning, passing and scoring! GO THE WARRIORS!