Saturday, September 3, 2011

NZFW 2011 backstage looks by Greg Novak #1: Jimmy D

Jimmy D returned to NZFW 2011 with a punkish, light and dark ode to witchery that celebrated all that is dark and mystical or the fire in between. "It's a Kind of Magick" signalled a strengthening of the Jimmy D vision, a maturing of the relationship with three-year artistic collaborator Andrew McCloud and simple but strong ideas from long time stylist Chris Lorimer. M.A.C key Amber D demonstrating her ability to put the 'artist' into make-up artist also continues to mature and Liana Coscia headed up the hair team for Fudge with a mix of braided and free-flowing locks. We'll follow this post with a documentary-style photo essay of the crew and models backstage by Greg Novak.