Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slice Of Heaven

Dutch duo Viktor and Rolf have never been accused of doing things by halves. Their Spring 2010 collection, shown in October last year, also proved just how capable the pair are of thinking outside the square and ignoring the industry shifts and nuances of the time. The collection featured a series of cut tulle ball gowns that were structurally gorgeous and seemed to effortlessly defy gravity. While it was great to see their art on the runway, it is even better to see it here on the cover of the latest Dazed and Confused. Shot by Josh Olins the cover features a Viktor and Rolf favourite, and undeniably one of the world's hottest models, Magdalena Frakowiak. It is a lovely image and one of several covers for Magdalena already this year, but to our eyes, it is the gown that does the talking.