Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daisy A Day

Anna Wintour decided some time ago that the future for Vogue was in the marrying of traditional fashion publishing ethos with the ever-encroaching commercial colossus of celebrity culture. Stars were in. Stars on the cover for Anna. Here at Black we're probably more interested in musicians - and the place where fashion and music meet, than celebrities per se - so we are looking to build on the Paloma Faith shoot by Robert Erdmann, Kimi O'Neill et al last issue of Black by featuring rising stars in a fashion shoot commissioned by Black on an ongoing basis. Robert is on his way to shoot Daisy Coburn aka Daisy Dares You (above) for Black Issue 12 in London this weekend. She's been ear-marked by the BBC as a rising star for 2010 and if the styling in her video (below) is anything to go by she's a consummate pop star and a stylish girl. Stylist Zoe James will once again work with Robert on the weekend.