Thursday, January 21, 2010

P.C vs Mac - Dylan's view

You may remember Apple's recent campaign to position Mac as the hipper, younger, more creative platform against the perceived frumpiness of the old P.C. As Mac users since 1992 this wasn't news to us but it's interesting to see where Mac and PC are positioned in the minds of the emerging generations. Our 12 year-old nephew Dylan has been saving for the best part of a year for a MacBook Pro already and expects to purchase said machine later this year. While Dylan was staying with us over Christmas he wrote this poem about the "fight" and we think it is rather cute...

Mac vs PC
by Dylan van Lier

An Apple had a punch-up,
With a Microsoft PC.
A Personal Computer,
And a white fruit from a tree.

The PC blasted fractions,
At the metal Powerbook.
The Mac replied with iTunes,
To make the PC’s speakers cook.

The Apple PhotoBoothed the Sun,
And put it on the screen.
The PC opened Webcam,
And reflected back the sheen.

Mac replaced it with widgets,
And times’d them by a ton.
The PC ran out of memory, and
Threw up a red icon.

The PC then surrendered,
And flew a white display.
The Apple danced around for joy,
And fell off the desk that day.