Monday, January 19, 2009

The Town Bike

The Bike In Town

Ok. So you don't live in town. But you've got a bike. You want to ride to work, play, study, lunch, visit the art gallery etc - but you don't want to ride all that way, shackle your precious cycle to a handy chain-friendly fire-hydrant and turn up dishevelled and sweaty. Oh, your bike needs a little fixing, you are hungry and you need a coffee to boot. So where you gonna go in Tamaki Makaurau?

Bike Central of course. Situated across the road from the venerable K Rd Post Office or at 3 Britomart Place downtown, Bike Central's two locations offer those living in the inner suburbs - or beyond - an opportunity to realistically take the bike instead of the car. In-built shower and bathroom facilities, towels, lockers etc, and the ability to park the bike up for the day plus get a morning coffee/snack means that Bike Central is offering something unique. A sustainable/eco-friendly, one-stop shop that acts like a 'town terminus' or, if you wish to hire a bike and go sightseeing, a 'bike station'.

We love it.

Downtown Auckland: 3 Britomart Place, Auckland. Ph: 64-9-3651768
Uptown Auckland: 305 Karangahape Rd, Auckland. Ph: 64-9-307 0710

Here's the website.