Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Erdmann Masterclass

Erdmann shot from the latest Crash Magazine, Paris

Hello, hello, it's good to be back...after a week shooting with Robert Erdmann and crew here in Auckland. Like a photographic whirlwind, Mr Erdmann, assistant Chek and master H&M artist Eric Gabriel flew into town, took over Kingsize Studios and whipped up two world class shoots. It was fascinating to watch a photographer of Mr Erdmann's level operate and even more fascinating to see the quality of the creative collusion between the Americans and our own Black Magazine crew; fashion director Rachael Churchward, fashion editor Atip W and assistants Ant Gratten, Dan Max and Phil Grindle. To see it, you will have to wait until Black 10 goes on sale at the end of March, with, again, a boy cover by Robert Erdmann - but this time featuring our own male model king Vinnie Woolsten - and between 24 and 36 pages of undeniably the best fashion and photography to appear in Black Magazine yet.

To get an understanding of the level and quality of Robert Erdmann's work go here to his agency site. This is his arty site.

Robert Erdmann and crew stayed at New Zealand's fashion forward Westin Hotel which they described as 'world class'.