Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stella McCartney Lingerie Spring Summer 2012/13

Last week we were kindly invited into Lily and Louis to see the new range of intimates from Stella McCartney Lingerie Spring Summer 2012/13 collection. This season, rightfully entitled 'Stella', has moved towards a more 'everyday' and wearable feel, incorporating innovative and cutting edge technology to create the thinnest, lightest and one of the most invisible collections in the market.

Well, we were impressed!

'Stella' offers a range of styles and silhouettes from body suits, slips, camisoles, racer-back bras, bras fitted with underwire or the 'Supernatural'; a completely wireless bra. All the styles are made from a luxurious range of fabrics including French Calais Lace, silks, mesh and tulle! To keep true to her "eco-friendly"philosophy of the brand, Stella also uses recycled metal hardware and organic cotton.

A well as being a mum and wanting the more practical and comfortable options, Stella the designer further opens her personal world to her 'Stella' collection designs and has named some of her staple pieces after her girl friends, for example, "Sam Partying" and "Julia Tumbling"..... how cute!

We think these feminine, delicate pieces are made to be worn underneath all of your tough, rock 'n roll attire. Being the daughter of one of the biggest rock stars in history, you know that she has thought about this.

Stella McCartney Lingerie Spring Summer 2012/13 is available in stores now!
See our favorite pieces below! Photos: Yasmine Ganley