Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moodie Tuesday Spring/Summer 2013 'Painting the Picture' Collection

Isaac at N.Model Management in Moodie Tuesday
Introducing Moodie Tuesday. Driven by the desire to empower youthful and rebellious souls and inspired by tales of rock n' roll, life's mortality, empty bottles, sleeping in all day and staying up all night, the label's goal is to create clothing that reflects a lifestyle of carefree idealism and to build a community of people who choose to live in this way....... That's you? Hey! You're in luck- we're giving some tees away!! Like this 'STDs and Diversion' Otago tee and the 'Moodie Fucking Tuesday' tee!

Artist/Designer Jon Thom and co-designer Chris Brun established Moodie Tuesday in 2011. A limited edition tee shirt collection titled 'Painting the Picture' features Jon’s own paintings, drawings, photography and inspirations along with several tees featuring art work from friend Tom Garden. Moodie Tuesday's vision can be summed up by Pop Art legend Claes Oldenburg's words, "I am for an art that is political-erotical-mystical, that does something more than sit on its ass in a museum." Moodie Tuesday takes art beyond the gallery and to the streets for the wearer's pleasure.

We are giving away a men's and women's tee from their 'Painting the Picture' collection! All you need to do is comment on our facebook page what your own personal 'Moodie (f*ing) Tuesday story' is and we'll pick our favourites!

..... our blues are sung a little something like this... "The traffic was really bad. Our dog ate our homework this morning. It's officially winter now. I don't fit my jeans.".....

Moodie Tuesday cotton tees are available online at $99 each - www.moodietuesday.com and check out their daily doings on their Facebook page!