Friday, May 25, 2012

Karen Walker Candy Bar begins world tour in Japan

All photos: IPS

Karen Walker Candy Bar. That just sounds good doesn't it? Proving once again that an adroit sense of timing is everything, Karen Walker Eyewear is capitilising on the unprecedented demand coming from all corners of the globe for the snazzy sunnies by taking a pop-up store on tour. For the next twelve months the Karen Walker Candy Bar will traverse the globe stopping at hand-picked retailers in each country and offering the complete Karen Walker Eyewear collection plus five new limited edition frames: HARVEST milky cream, HELTER SKELTER strawberry, NUMBER SIX toffee, DEEP FREEZE bubblegum and PERFECT DAY vanilla. The first location for Karen Walker Candy Bar opened Wednesday night at RESTIR in Tokyo with Karen in attendance amongst a super cute and stylish crowd. They are mad crazy about Karen Walker in Japan as these exclusive pictures of the opening illustrate. Next stop for Karen Walker Candy Bar is TenOverSix boutique in Los Angeles and Cloak & Dagger, NYC before heading on to Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Shanghai and more. Full details of the Candy Bar global schedule can been found at Karen Walker Eyewear.