Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Workshop Denim AW 2012 Campaign by Tim White and Jamie Huckbody

Photographer Tim White and stylist Jamie Huckbody combine brilliantly on the new Workshop Denim AW 2012 campaign. In a shoot that screams "rock'n'roll' a selection of great local models; Jasper and Christopher at Clyne, Rhianon at KHM, Sam, Amelia and Lili at Red 11 and Zac and Sakura at 62 Models show us their moves in no uncertain terms. Make-up by Virginia Carde, hair by Lauren Gunn at Stephen Marr. Both shoots feature in a beautiful new look book which very much leans toward the description 'book' - great to see some time and effort spent on that, it is very much a 'keepable' effort from both Workshop Denim and Helen Cherry and harks back to some of their great printed look books of years gone by. The release of the book is also perfectly timed with an expansive new website and blog which you can see here.