Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gang of Four, What We All Want!

Gang of Four with Jon King (left) and  Andy Gill (right)
Back in the early eighties punk collided with funk in a way that shook out the mohawks and sent chains and razor blades flying. Bands like A Certain Ratio, Comsat Angels and Pigbag all put the James Brown into Johnny Rotten but there was one band who managed to keep the angular, scything, cutting sounds of punk within the funk, Gang of Four. Hard on the heels of another great post-punk band, Wire, the Gang are on their way to Auckland and are playing at The Powerstation on Thursday, February 24 with support from Kody & Bic. The line-up includes original singer Jon King and the utterly percussive guitar of Andy Gill, which makes the gig a must see in itself. Here's a chunky, funky reason why we will be going to this one - a live version of What We All Want circa early 80's...

Gang of Four What We All Want
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