Monday, March 8, 2010

Black 12; On set Beautiful Youth Day 2

Greg Murrell adjusting the hair piece attached to Frankie's brushed-up 'fro

Sabine in make-up

David; model, and temporary photo assist

Attaching (and removing) hair pieces is harder than it looks

Hair pieces, sequins and a little more fluoro sparkled in the bush at Waiatarau yesterday for the second day of shooting our Beautiful Youth story for Black 12. Photographer Russ Flatt and fashion director Rachael Churchward teamed closely with hair editor Greg Murrell and make-up artist Margo Regan to continue themes and stories over the two days of the weekend and across eleven models. Models for Sunday were Sabine @ August, David @ 62 Models, Michael @ Vanity Walk and Frankie @ Visage. Here's a few close-up images of hair and make-up. Day 3 this Wednesday at an obscure and slightly-difficult-to-get-to-beach...