Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twenty Seven Names

Here's a pre-show shot of the first looks for the Twenty Seven Names show. The girls behind the label, Rachel and Anjali, claimed the sixties as inspiration for the collection named Butter Not Bombs. It opened with all the models walking out together in a parade of ultimate cool. I'll be honest, I did get a few goosebumps. It was a rebellious yet pretty array, with one foot in tailoring, the other in grunge. The garb was teamed with burly black Doc Martins or white Chucks making it effortless for the models to stomp down the runway and own it. We saw trench coats, suit pants, oversized shirts and chunky knits as well as some lace, velvet and bodices. Twenty Seven Names shows always have the best music and this one was no exception. I loved every minute of it.

Jordan Rondel