Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Alastair Makes Good


We have some fond memories of Air NZ Fashion Week and perhaps no more so than 2003 when a young I.D magazine stylist called Alastair McKimm came to New Zealand and hooked up with Nom D. Alastair ingratiated himself with the locals although he very much became 'The I.D guy" rather than Alastair McKimm. At that stage he was a freelancer who had been fashion editor on a number of I.D shoots rather than being on the staff payroll. He returned to style Nom D's show the following year and has strong ties to the New Zealand fashion scene. The Churchword had been trawling recently and was very impressed to see the quality of work the stylist has been delivering of late, so it came as no surprise to see his cheeky face on the front page of overnight. Having just been made fashion director of uber cool New York mag The Last Magazine, let's hope he is on the list of media targets for next year's Air NZ Fashion Week.

Below: Alastair styles Aggy