Friday, May 15, 2009

Class Act

Slim Aarons (yep that's his name) was a celebrated, for want of a better word, celebrity photographer of the 50's, 60's and 70's whose images capture the very essence of a time gone by. Slim wasn't however an A-List snapper hanging around at parties working the schlebs in front of logo walls for the PR ringleaders, no Slim was a fly-on-the-wall type of guy who just hung out and occasionally posed his subjects to make them look comfortable and natural.

A native of Long Island he grew up idolising the superfluous lifestyles of the rich and famous in the Hamptons and beyond. He was apparently so likeable as a person that he easily ingratiated himself into a rarefied scene populated by the likes of Jackie O, Man Ray, Gloria Guiness, Mick Jagger and Clark Gable - and earned their trust. In short, he lived with and photographed the Jet Set as their photographer of choice.

"Attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places" was his mantra.

We think he was amazing so here we go, here's some Slim pickings to savour...