Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bells Of Peace

Following Yoko Ono on Twitter is like having a Zen Godess drop by with a daily dose of Confucious. For example in the past week there has been "Let our children know that we are not entirely dumb! Show that we care about the future of our world" and "If we make more friends and less enemies, we will be less likely to go broke!" But it was today's tweet from the Sunglassed One that really piqued my interest. It seems that this Saturday if you happen to be in Liverpool, England - and Gerard Tahu, we know you're listening - keep your ears pealed (sorry) for the bells of Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. Ringing out from the highest bell tower in the world will be the sound of peace itself Imagine.

Futuresonic Festival has commissioned artist Cleo Evans in collaboration with Sam Austin, Liverpool Ringing Master and other local change ringers to perform Imagine, John Lennon's anthemic song of peace. "It will be the first time a popular, and secular, song has been played on Liverpool Cathedral’s bells, the highest and heaviest peal of bells in the world. With thirteen bells arranged around ‘Great George’, a central ringing bell which weighs over 14 tons, they can be heard for miles around. The rendition of one of Lennon’s most celebrated songs is set to become a simultaneous and collective city-wide experience" says the Festival.

What a good idea! Perhaps like Earth Hour, there could be Peace Hour and bells all over the world could simultaneously chime to the tune of Imagine? Just a thought....