Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Backstage at Karen Walker Spring 2013 "Fantastique Magnifique" Collection at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is well under way this week and it's looking great. The greatest of all, of course, is that of the most recent showing from kiwi maverick; Karen Walker. In Karen Walker’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, 1950's optimism is blended with all things celestial, creating a luminous and translucent collection that’s a nod to a past so consumed with the future.

A wonderfully smart and quirky collection strutted down the runway with that signature pop of color; this season seen in shades of rose, periwinkle, and maize, and with a nod to the Space Age- an addition of a metallic melon. Heavy fringes and long, loose hair gave the models that French-y vibe that we love from Karen Walker.

The juxtaposition of the past and future, beauty and geekiness, domesticity and technology and the earthly and celestial combine to create a collection that is both classic and modern. Walker’s moon-kissed collection reminds us that some times looking up is the best way to go forward.

We were lucky enough to receive first hand, and fresh from the scene, polaroid images from backstage at New York Fashion Week with the Karen Walker team and her models just before they showed their new collection to the city that never sleeps!

You can see the full collection here via style.com