Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beautiful Youth Aotearoa: Clyne


As we move into shooting season for Black 13, we've been scouring the various local model agencies looking for interesting new models for our local shoots with fashion director Rachael Churchward - and photographers Russ Flatt, Craig Owen, Stephen Tilley, David Shields and Marissa Findlay. In a developmental sense the industry is looking very healthy with a plethora of beautiful new faces coming through at all of the main agencies and also at the boutique establishments. We thought we'd post a few of the new faces that are capturing our eye for a variety of reasons - there are many more who could easily appear in a future issue of Black and many that will succeed elsewhere. First agency, Clyne Models where there is a strong development board - and a high percentage of redheads.

Yasmin Bidois



Ella Verberne.


Declan Riesteren.