Tuesday, November 17, 2009

From Paris With Love

AGATHA Paris, Vulcan Lane, Auckland

I popped into the new AGATHA Paris boutique in Vulcan Lane today - across the way from the iconic Zambesi store - and was immediately struck by the smart, clean, Parisian presentation - the boutique was created in Paris and then shipped to Aotearoa, and it shows. The walls are painted an opulent blue, the display cases are all superbly lit and the jewellery and accessories on display are just what New Zealand needs, French flair that is accessible and affordable with a broad range of styles and concepts on offer. We particularly like the way necklaces and pendants are hung on the wall in such an easy-to-see way. AGATHA Paris's six annual collections all reflect the trends from the world's big fashion houses, and with 260 boutiques around the world and over 1,000 AGATHA Paris designs sold every hour, they are clearly onto a good thing.

We like what Asia-Pacific director Renaud Litre has to say about the new Auckland store: "It is wonderful to be bringing a slice of Parisian style - along with a large helping of AGATHA Paris's chic and sassy spirit - to Auckland with this new, Australasian-first boutique. I know New Zealand women will find AGATHA Paris as much of a delightful discovery as their peers around the world have, and I look forward to seeing how New Zealand's style and fashion leaders influence AGATHA Paris in years to come." That's not just refreshing, it's encompassing. Congratulations Mitchell, and welcome AGATHA Paris...

35b Vulcan Lane,
Auckland Central
Ph: 302 1100

Here's the local Facebook page