Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Top Five Indie Tunes at Black HQ this week

The Horrors - Sea With A Sea.

At first we liked this because it sounded like Chris Matthews singing in the North Head tunnels but we have grown to like it more because it is a a nice little musical eight minute journey that spans 90's trance, early electronica and Bunnyman-esque 80's production.

Son Volt - Down To The Wire.

This is simply a great slow rock song. Nice harmonies and singing that invokes the gamut of ethereal singers from Bob Segar to Harry Nilsson - which can only be a good thing.

Lake Inferior - Spiders

We've blogged this already but we love it more and more as tune. Spector-esque vocals a la Here We Go Magic but underpinned by a smooth-as-silk bassline. Just lovely.

Grizzly Bear - While You Wait For The Others

Is it just us but does anyone else think that band du jour Grizzly Bear owe more than a little tip of the hat to early Split Enz? This tune though is more complete than your average Split Enz track and the entire album Veckatimest is a wonder. Indie album of the year to date? Probably...

Eels - Fresh Blood

As major fans of the TV series True Blood we are already half vampire. At least. Whilst the intro music and titles of the HBO gem are as good as it gets in TV land, this tune by the venerable Eels is vampire heaven and would slot into any scene on the show. Classic.