Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog Love: Starkwhite; Fuck Art Let's Blog

Martin Basher, Free Spirit No Interest, 2009, installation views - runs until April 4

Starkwhite, the home of great art in K. Rd, Auckland, is putting their vision online via the Starkwhite Blog. The forward-thinking directors John McCormack and Dominic Feuchs also happen to curate the Black Art Gallery pages, for which we are very grateful, especially as Issue 10 will feature a double pagework from perhaps our biggest art name to date - Thomas Hirschhorn - but you will need to buy Black in a few weeks to see that.

The pair - whose credentials are impeccable - have a finger on the pulse of the cutting edge of art both here and internationally. If you need a regular, and they are regular, art fix - then RSS the Starkwhite Blog now..