Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Strings Of The Dead - Tankian & APO

Feel the phibes!

In a Jazz-Coleman-esque way, Serj Tankian, the former System Of A Down frontman who impressed mightily at the Auckland Big Day Out will join forces with an orchestra - The Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra. Together they will perform the Elect The Dead Symphony. This orchestral take on Tankian's debut album will also invigorate several unreleased Tankian tracks. This seems as enticing as Serge looks 'mad organist' because the APO are excelling as a collaborative force, slotting a number of succesful collaborations behind them. Expect a "psychedelic, classical, surrealist" interpretation by Tankian - who will score in a musical way. Respected NZ composer John Psathas will arrange the music. Elect them now...

Tickets are only $99 to $120 a pop via 0800 Buy Tickets.

Elect The Dead Symphony - Serge Tankian & The APO
Monday March 16
Auckland Town Hall