Tuesday, July 10, 2012

THE KEEP, Lela Jacob's First Flagship Store in Auckland

THE KEEP is Wellington fashion designer Lela Jacob's first flagship store situated at 504 Karangahape Road, in Auckland. THE KEEP celebrates not only her own Lela Jacob's collection but brings together an array of artists, all working in different mediums, to be hosted amongst hand-picked curios such as Melbourne based WELFE Jewellery, Lela Jacobs Ceramics, The New Order magazine and Japanese Muji stationary sets.

Placing her cutting table in store, Lela Jacobs opens up her workroom space onto the retail floor allowing her customers to be involved in the entire scope of her design process, from sketches to construction, to taking the finished piece home! 

Maintaining her close working relationships with artists, sculptures, designers and jewelers, Lela Jacobs has established a monthly revolving roster of exhibitors. This month of July sees a photographic essay entitled, Redemption, put together by photographer Sara Orme and Always, Sometimes, Anytime's Courtney Sanders, fill the walls this Thursday night from 6-8pm. 

Opening hours are Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays, with private appointments available for any other time. Make sure you check out this ever evolving space and we hope to see you on Thursday night!

Photos by Johnny McCormack