Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BLK #17: Behind the Scenes with Ashleigh Good

After a great weekend of shooting with the boys for our new issue BLK #17,  the Black team were lucky enough to be given the New Zealand exclusive on the exciting new face, Ashleigh Good, yesterday at White Studios with Charles Howells, just before she is flown off to NYC again!

Promising to not give away too much of the magic witnessed, we managed to sneak a few behind the scenes pictures for you to see. Photography; Charles Howells, Fashion Director; Rachael Churchward, Hair; Greg Murell, Make-up; Michelle Hurliman, Model; Ashleigh Good at RPD/KHM, Photo Assist: Ti, Fashion Assists; Hana Tutton and Rosie Ko

This issue is shaping up to be something else. It stares 'tough' in the eye, it has wit and attitude but always allows for pockets of the ethereal. One more month to go!!
Greg making the final touches...
Beautiful jewellery by Zora bell Boyd

Charles and Ti, what a team!
Rachael Churchward working her magic

Behind the Scenes photographs taken by Yasmine Ganley.