Monday, September 28, 2009


All images: Steve King

We couldn't have asked for a better show to finish the week off with than Huffer. It was perfectly organised, punctual and the venue was spacious and well-suited. The collection – hot.

The show, styled by Rachael Churchward, opened with a woolen coat; exactly the kind I've been searching for all winter. From that moment I knew it was going to be an outstanding collection and that Huffer had revamped its look. I was right. The clothes seemed much more sophisticated and sexy than I recall them ever being, with a new edge redefining the meaning of street wear. This probably owes a lot to the expert styling.
The look for the girls appeared to be influenced by the 60s, with bed hair, heavy eye-liner, black and white stripes and thigh-high socks. We saw a lot of provocative satin, suspenders, night wear and lingerie. The guys' look was clean, fun and colourful, with chunky knitwear pieces, lots of denim, and beanies. It was very much a wearable collection, whilst still being witty and fresh, which is what the label is all about.

Congratulations Huffer!