Monday, September 28, 2009

This Ain't Nowhere - SGC Come On Strong

It poured, it rained, it was hot and heavy - and that was just the fashion. Stolen Girlfriend's Club proved, along with Huffer this week, that boys are taking over New Zealand fashion. OK they are getting some female help from the likes of Karen Inderbitzen-Waller, Kristine Crabb, Zara Mirkin, Ella Moore and Rachael Churchward but the best ideas this week were born in the surf, or at least the creative minds of designers like Marc Moore, Luke Harwood and Dan Gosling. Stolen Girlfriend's Club's Welcome To Nowhere show at the dirty old Masonic Lodge in Newton was conceptually brilliant and a huge step forward for the talented threesome. The knits alone were worth the outdoor soaking, uncomfortable wait in a holding pen and cattle-like entry-and-exit scenario, and overall the range was one of the most complete fashion concepts at this year's ANZFW. Much has been made of SGC's 'bad boy image' - and the perception that the name describes the technique when it comes to creating or designing - but Welcome To Nowhere was filled with raw concepts and unique creativity. Long may the doors to this particular clubhouse remain comes the stolen fashion generation.