Monday, September 28, 2009

MAC Make-Up Looks of the Week

How beautiful are these? Trelise Cooper Kids...

Talented M.A.C make-up teams were everywhere over fashion week delivering some of the most beautiful make-up we have seen at ANZFW. M.A.C's Jodie Matthews and Tatum Savage, along with Anna Logan, doyen of ghd, also expanded their now legendary M.A.C/ghd room, to offer tired fashionistas a welcome place to relax. The Jo Malone hand massage proved popular, as did the ghd hair shooshy or M.A.C facial touch up - in fact the crew in this room may well have been the busiest all week as the traffic was continuous. Once again, thanks to M.A.C and ghd for providing an oasis in the middle of the mayhem - even Pam and Richie made it a destination. Here are a selection of hot looks from the lens of Russ Flatt and able assistant Dan Max.

Below: (top) Huffer, (middle) Zambesi, (bottom) Stolen Girlfriend's Club