Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nice Artse!

It is no slight on New Zealand advertising creatives but sometimes sitting right behind a bus's back end can be gruelling for those of us who don't want bank interest rates or photo copier refill deals shoved in our faces. Great news then that Tiger Beer and the creative crew known as Cut Collective are offering an aesthetic alternative that will be considerably more pleasing on the eye.

The Cut Collective, comprised of five Auckland artists; the brilliantly-monikered "TrustMe", Component, Flox, Enforce 1 and Kool have spray-stencilled no less than 10 buses with their thought-provoking pieces, aimed at "people encountering art outside of the traditional context of the gallery or museum."

The buses are scheduled to hit Auckland streets from Sept 7 to November 22 but in the meantime you can check out more of the Cut Collective's work at Bungalow 8 in the Viaduct.