Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top 5 songs by Manchester legends The Fall

Many reading this will have never heard of them but The Fall are a highly influential band from Manchester, England. Formed in the late 70's and still going strong, The Fall are unique. BBC DJ John Peel, himself a British music legend, loved Mark E Smith and co above all others. They were quite simply his 'favourite band'. If you get the chance, go in search...

1. New Big Prinz - Everything is here; the groove, the bounce, the hand claps, the twanging guitar and lead singer Mark E Smith at his lyrical, demanding best "Check the record, check the guy's track record, check the record, rock record. He is not appreciated. Big Priest"
2. Hit The North - One of the earliest Fall tunes and a Manchester Hall-Of-Famer. This monster Hacienda hit is a call to arms to leave grubby old London...
3. Living Too Late - when this ep came out in 1986 it included a song called Hot Aftershave Bop! The rhythm is classic Fall lilting groove.
4. Touch Sensitive - first released this decade, Touch Sensitive could have been made 30 years ago. "Hey, hey, hey, HEY" goes the chorus. So simple, so good.
5. Fifteen Ways - "There are fifteen ways to leave your man" chants Mark E Smith sounding positively upbeat about it all. "Break. Now..." and most perfectly "you gotta be cheerful hearted"

As John Peel once said "The Fall. Always different. Always the same."