Monday, February 16, 2009

Just purrrrrrrfect...

Says make up giant M·A·C: “she has been a fashion icon for 34 years, has lived in London, is currently a tourism ambassador for Japan, and while her obsessive fan base may be 7-34, there’s no question that she transcends age and generations...” Add to that her “edgy side and celebrity following that would intimidate any Hollywood actor” and who do you have? That pop culture phenomenon known simply as Hello Kitty, of course! A source of inspiration to many beyond the local kindy since her birth, Kitty has in the past had artists from around the world (including French fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and American graffiti artist Ryan McGinley) contribute pieces to a exhibit of Hello Kitty-inspired subversive art, whilst local star Kate Sylvester was one of a select few international fashion glitterati asked to design an outfit with her in mind for M·A·C ‘s star-studded New York release party. The little lady represents the desire in all of us to be both innocent and mischievous, and the new Kitty-inspired collection from M·A·C gives plenty of scope to explore the aforementioned and all that lies in between.
Alongside the make up, the M·A·C artistic team have created Hello Kitty Kouture, a very exclusive, limited edition luxe accessories line glittering with Swarovski crystals that includes a plush doll, charm bracelet, makeup mirrors, a brush holder, makeup bags,
and a tote that’s printed in a Pucci-esque pattern among other items. It’s hard to pick my favourite piece to include here, so I’ll leave you to feast your eyes on this beautiful campaign image shot exclusively for M·A·C by the legendary Nick Knight… Miaow!