Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jogger's Delight - The New Phoenix Foundation video

Had an eventful jog lately? One of those ones where you're singing a song as you run along on a bright summer's day and you come across things. You know; low slung Pohutakawa branches, people picnicking, knights you need to slay with the sword you just happen to have on you, people you have to rescue from small hand-made pens, passing, rolling 44 gallon drums you need to jump, people on stuffed cows and a large plastic horse you must mount in one know the usual thing. No? Taika Waititi knows all about it. The filmic genius may have already created the video of the year with his latest creation for The Phoenix Foundation's 40 Years. Not only is it clever and very, very funny but the video shot near Wellington, on a warm summer's day, stars Taika himself as the jogger in the one take wonder. Priceless.