Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get Your Own Goji On

Golly gee, look at them Goji...

We received an email yesterday from Glucina, Kevin that is. Kevin lives in Matakana, the rapidly growing market garden region north of Auckland. It seems that Glucina Nursery are ensuring that the average gardener can grow their own Goji plants in their back yards by making a number of plants available to selected garden centres around Aotearoa.The extract of the berry from the plant is said to boost immune systems, control blood sugar, prevent eye problems and even help children to grow. Worldwide demand for the little red Himalayan miracle berry is such that the berries, and various extracts of, are rather expensive to procure. As the recession/depression truly starts to bite, grow-your-own/organic will increasingly become a smart option for anyone interested in their own health - and being able to pay the rent/mortgage/man. Makes great sense/cents/our inner-selves feel better!

Goji gardening now!

Plants available retail throughout NZ at :
Mitre 10 Mega, Oderings nurseries, retail garden centres and The Potting Shed at Matakana.
Or commercial enquiries to: