Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Great White

75 years ago Rene Lacoste served the tennis world, and consequently the fashion world, with his own unique vision of style and grace. The original, now iconic 12.12 polo shirt was created by Rene because there was simply nothing else of quality and style around that you could also actually play tennis in. Almost as iconic is the lovely little crocodile label which was designed for Lacoste by his friend Robert George in 1927 as testament to Rene's own tenacious prowess with the racket - once he had hold of opponents it seems, the teeth never gave way. After embroidering the little fella on his blazer Rene then featured it on the first of his now legendary shirts.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary Lacoste is launching a capsule collection that harks back to the label's champagne and Pimms origins. Creative Director Christophe Lemaire has updated several of the earliest pieces that Mr Lacoste wore, on and off court. We want the lot, but this classic white jacket is highest on the list. Don Johnson eat your heart out but sorry, you weren't invited.