Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blog a blog.

Take a look at my friend Richard Mortimers new blog site ponystep.com. It has an alternative view on the hottest underboilings of 'what's what' in London. Richard is the brainchild behind the now defunked worldwide cult fashion party phenomenom that was Boombox, which alongside fabulous resident djs Jerry Bouthier and Princess Julia gave us the hottest guest slots from the likes of Jim Stanton, Scottee, Kylie Minogue, Booby Tuesday and the Darling Bears. This club was hotter than St Tropez during the summer solstice and its legacy continues with the publishing of the book 'Boombox' and the CD 'KitsuneBoombox'. Richard remains at the vanguard of all that's fabulous and newly found in fashion, beauty, music and clubs with ponystep.com and they don't half know how to put on the occasional great knees up down hoxton town too.