Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dress For Success - every woman succeeding

One of our favourite organisations, Dress For Success, are carrying on the good work, helping women get back into the work force, with confidence. We sat back for a moment and tried to think of a woman who epitomises the essence behind this worthy mindset and lo and behold, Lauren Bacall sprang to mind. During a time when women were sexualised as movie stars, left out of decisions about their own lives, or downtrodden simply as 'her indoors' Lauren stood out as not only a woman of strength but a beacon of style. A woman who knew how to dress for success and hold her own. Dress For Success Auckland are running a competition, in partnership with a number of NZ designers, jewellers, photographers, stylists and boutiques to raise funds and drive awareness. The prize? A package worth over $7,000 from the good people at: Stolen Girlfriends Club, Hailwood, Huffer, Zora Bell Boyd Jewellery, Salasai, DMonic Intent, Deryn Schmidt, Sheryl May, Kingan Jones, Pia Boutique, Jetset Bohemian, twentysevennames, Surface Too Deep, Millicent, Love Hotel, Sara Orme & Anna Caselberg and more. All you have to do, and it is so simple, we did it this afternoon, is make a $3 donation, by texting your name to 4644 and the DFS will text you back with entry details. Let's hear it for every woman succeeding!