Monday, October 21, 2013

BLACKlog editorial #63: Chris Fatseas shoots beauty with Alys Hale from Chic

Chris Fatseas demonstrates once again his incredibly unique vision of the world with his latest artistic series entitled 'Nexus' featuring Alys Hale from Chic. Fatseas's explains the pictures in his own words. "It's commentary on the de-materialisation of the fashion store, the decline in physical retail and the rise of online - the symbolism in the racks of empty, transparent hangers (Fashion disappearing in a physical sense) and the disconnected inhuman nature of the online world that we're being absorbed by... humans trans-coded into digital." We invite you to examine the series for yourself. Hair and makeup by Casey Gore and special thanks for assistance provided by Jimmi James Wright and to the coat hangers displayed by Seaton Mckeon.