Monday, October 21, 2013

BEHIND THE SCENES: Jaime Lee 'Light Magic' Campaign by Ted Dana

M.A.C. makeup artist Carol Mackie adds the finishing touches to Tallulah Morton
whilst Thom Kerr adjusts the holographic floor tiling 

On Friday the 13th September (superstitiously good timing) Perth luxury retail centre Claremont Quarter transformed one of their style stop stores into a fairytale wonderland fit for the next instalment of the Jaime Lee saga - the campaign shoot for her new collection Light Magic shot by Black Australian editor Thom Kerr. The following is a photographic diary of the day shot by photographer Ted Dana and helps paint the picture of the live photo session where the public were encouraged to come and watch the magic unfold.

It takes an incredible team to pull together a concept this intricate and we couldn't think of anyone more fitting to face the brand than Tallulah Morton from EMG, whose wild beauty suits both the feminine and adventurous aspects of the Jaime Lee brand. M.A.C. makeup director Carol Mackie created the ethereal silver lavender beauty whilst the structured locks were sculpted by Sharlene Lee of the iconic Western Australian salon Circles of Subiaco. The extraordinary floral set which was transported after the runway show and recreated inside the space was built by the legendary Rebecca Grace from Natural Art Flowers. And the entire shoot was produced by Marcia Ball, the wardrobe stylist behind the uber popular blog Style Voyeur. And let's not forget the helping hands lent by photographers Ben Riches and Dhyan Verco who provided all the equipment courtesy of Chris Huzzards Studio. A massive team for a massive project!

Rebecca Grace builds the floral set
Ben Riches building the holographic flooring
The installation being setup
The view from the front shop window
Lighting being setup up by Dhyan Verco courtesy of Chris Huzzard
The floral set by Rebecca Grace is complete

Circles of Subiaco rocking the hair
Carol Mackie from M.A.C. designing the look
Final touch ups
Tallulah Morton working her magic
Jaime Lee, Thom Kerr and Ben Riches examining the images
Thom Kerr and Tallulah Morton swept away by the romance of it all

Tallulah Morton takes the Jaime Lee message out of
Claremont Quarter and onto the streets!