Monday, May 6, 2013

'Our Land' exhibition by Dan Max

"Vast' is a beautiful word and something that photographer Dan Max clearly understands. His exhibition of 22 limited edition images, entitled "Our Land" is running now at 14 Maidstone Street in Ponsonby, Auckland. The photographic exhibition documents the relationship New Zealanders have with the land we inhabit and there is something very peaceful within it all. Says Dan; “They're landscapes that seem to whisper gently, yet the subjects scream with character. Though the vast horizons can give an overwhelming sense of isolation, it is not long before they engulf you in the warmth of belonging. They have a timeless aesthetic that celebrates the unspoiled values of living off the land, a softness that captures the quiet of escape, and offers vistas that you long to step into,” Well said Maxy, and put simply, this is photography as painting. The exhibition runs until May 15.