Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1 AM Online and Loving it

A couple of months back 1 AM morphed comfortably into an online magazine, and if the latest two issues are anything to go by, going online has been a revelation for the magazine's founders Glenn and Amanda Hunt. The Hunts were integral to some of the finest fashion and photographic moments of the late, occasionally great Pavement Magazine. The photography and fashion in Pavement when it was good, was very good. The sense of immediacy is back. With an apprenticeship in international fashion from the late nineties to the early noughties via Amanda's modelling career, and Pavement's network of international contributors, Glenn and Amanda traversed the fashion trail and had fun doing it. The couple's excellent Wish - u were here xxx magazine garnered a short but sweet reputation as a photographic vehicle. In short, they have plenty of international experience and it's showing. 1 AM talented.