Monday, April 6, 2009

Vinka's Booty

Webbs have made a real effort in the past couple of years to expand the content and delivery of their auctionable offerings. There have been rare, highly covetable motorcycles; collections of Playboy paraphenalia and rare NZ music. In keeping with this trend we note the latest foray is of a fashionable kind. Vinka Lucas is a NZ fashion institution and let's face it, how many of those are there really.

Vinka arrived here B.I.T.D after training at the Academy of Dress & Design in Zagreb, Yugoslavia and promptly set up one of Auckland's earliest designer boutiques the fabulously-named Marée de Maru. Not long after she proved what a genius of nomenclature she really is by starting her label Vinka Lucas After Five and even had a French branch of the Vinka empire Vinka Lucas Paris. Vinka still operates as a couture bridal designer but it is her archived collection of gowns and luxury evening wear that will have fashionistas popping into Webbs for a viewing - with a view to owning - as most of these special garments are on the block for under $1,000. Auction date is Sunday April 1 at 10am - follow the link above to check the archive on sale.esign as Zagreb