Monday, April 6, 2009

Smoke & Mirrors Fidgetry

The kids at Turn Me On Design in Sydney refer to their jewellery, their art, their obsession as a "jewellery fiddling addiction." T.M.O.D's latest collection entitled Smoke & Mirrors provides "purpose to the ‘fiddled’ action, in the form of horseshoes, keys and cubed pieces." There's no doubt that T.M.O.D make compelling jewellery but they also, it seems, understand it very well "Smoke & Mirrors draws on geometric form and resolution, while merging the boundaries of object and fashion design. Jewellery is no longer a static form, but a multifunctional enigma, one that tests and celebrates the mind’s logic; communicating rationality and reason." No disillusionment or smoke & mirrors about that statement whatsoever! T.M.O.D is stocked throughout Australia, and also in New Zealand - including Good As Gold, The Auckland Art Gallery and Belle Birdcan or they can be found online here.