Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Neighbourly Love

Joshua Jang is in the hood

OK. So you live in Aotearoa, Argentina or maybe Arkansas but the question remains; who are the People In Your Neighbourhood? Not sure? Well The British Council, New Zealand are and they're right into bringing the whole neighbourhood together - albeit from other sides of the world.

P.I.Y.N is a UK loves NZ loves UK love story. A meeting of musical cultures, the realisation of which will be held at the Transmission Room this Thursday - and at WOMAD in Taranaki on the weekend. P.I.Y.N is described as "a celebration of Auckland's cultural diversity through music" - and importantly - is underpinned by a unique and much-loved-in-this-neck-of-the-woods British crew. The Urban Soul Orchestra were the strings behind Soul II Soul. Say no more, you happy face excuse me, was that a thumping bass for a loving race?

Some of the diverse local talent to collaborate with the USO on both the live show and album includes; Richie Setford, Brother J, Kadambari Raghukumar, Levani Vosasi, Joshua Jang, Maite Elguetta Clavelle, Kelly Kahukiwa, Mani Fegundes, Renee Liang, Daniel Larsen, Greg Brice and more.

People In Your Neighbourhood really is a lovely potpourri of culture and sound. And it's on high rotate here at Black...

People In Your Neighbourhood
8 pm, Thursday March 12
Transmission Room
Tickets are $20 on the door.