Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Tim Up North

We love Tim White.

Not just because he is a foundation photographer for Black Magazine. Not just because he is cute and cuddly. No, we love Tim White because he is a very clever photographer and artist who always puts a lot of thought and effort into everything he does and the results are often phenomenal.

On May 15 at the Letham Gallery in Ponsonby, Tim's creative project of the past four years will come to fruition. True North is a series of photographs taken within the Maori communities of the far north of New Zealand which will emerge as a book, exhibition and video documentary. White liked the irony of calling the exhibition and book True North. “There is no truth in photography. Photographs lie. Words lie. Truth and lies are relative to the observer and the observed" he observes.

In addition to the exhibition and book Whakarongomaikio, which translates from Maori as ‘listen towards ambience’, is a three-part video documentary that experiments where still photography leaves off and explores the sounds and movement of the Northland community where White stayed.

The exhibition True North and Whakarongomaikio open at the Letham Gallery on 15 May, and runs until [5] June.