Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Day In The Life Of A Little Red Wig

Model Jess Clarke redefines the term 'redhead' as photographer Russ Flatt works in the shadows

Ok. So it's Sunday and we are in the middle of 3 days of shooting fashion and beauty for Black 10 here at Kingsize Studios in Auckland. Today we are shooting a story with a couple of fabulously fuzzy wigs created by Black Hair Editor Greg Murrell and his assistant Jannine Jones - and, as is often the case when shooting wigs - it's turning into a fun day largely because the wig has taken over.

Here's some pix of the shoot in progress and some of the Black crew getting wiggy with it.

Above: Hair Editor Greg Murrell shapes things a little as Rachael Churchward looks on
Below: Editing on screen

Assistant Fashion Editor Ant Gratten does his German-Samoan candy floss imitation

Make up artist extradinaire Virgina Carde wigs wistfully

The Wiglet according to Jannine Jones

Plain wigged out Greg Murrell

Photographer Russ Flatt, always that little bit different, throws a spanner in the works...